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Laser / IPL Hair Removal

Our advanced 3wave Diode Laser  Tecnology


What could be better than a combination of all known epilation lasers today?

Recently, three-wavelength lasers appeared on the hardware cosmetology market (three-wave, hybrid, MIX-lasers and other synonyms).

The three-wave laser combines Diode 808nm, Alexandrite 755nm, and Neodymium 1064nm lasers. The energy of all waves is produced at the same time, in one flash and affects the different depth of the follicles, so this laser is the most effective one in any zones.

The laser with a combination of three wavelengths:
• Is so effective as a diode and alexandrite laser:

• Is effective for low melanin hair – red, blond and even grey hair, thanks to its neodymium component;

• Is allowed for exposure to dark photo types, at any time of the year, as a neodymium laser;

• Is more comfortable than alexandrite and neodymium laser;

• Is less aggressive for epidermal melanin, which reduces the likelihood of burns and hyperpigmentation.

The cooling can be contacted, as on a diode laser, which does not require additional costs for cooling from the outside, as is the case with the alexandrite and neodymium laser.
The decision on which laser to use against unwanted hair is not easy. The choice complicates the variety of devices for laser hair removal, many types, settings and modes, streams of conflicting information. In this case, three-wave lasers came to the rescue. Now no need to choose. All technologies are collected in one equipment.

Price list

Pay for 9 treatments  ( one zone  )- Get 3 treatments for free

Pay for 2 zones ( 9 treatments) - Get 3th  zone for free ( one with lower price)

Female Price list for single treatment

Armpit 150 NIS
Bikini 195 NIS

Upper leg 490 NIS

Lower leg 345 NIS

3/4 hand 345 NIS

Buttock 195 NIS

Upper back 195 NIS

Lower back 195 NIS

Chest 195 NIS

Belly 195 NIS

Abdominal stripe 95 NIS

Navel stripe 65 NIS

Full face 320 NIS

Neck 160 NIS

Hinterland 160 NIS

Fingers 95 NIS

Toes 95 NIS

Nipples 95 NIS

Mustache 95 NIS

Chin 95 NIS

Wigs 95 NIS

Male Price list for single treatment

Upper back 320 NIS

Lower back 320 NIS

Chest 320 NIS

Belly 320 NIS

Shoulders 320 NIS

1/4 hand shoulder 195 NIS

Buttock 320 NIS

Full hands 940 NIS

Groin 450 NIS

Chest tie 195 NIS

Hinterland 160 NIS

Neck 160 NIS

3/4 full hand 495 NIS

Ears 95 NIS

Cheekbones 160 NIS

Fingers 95 NIS

Toes 95 NIS

Upper leg 685 NIS

Lower leg 590 NIS

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